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Carl Jung published his theory on personality in 1920, titled Psychological Types, and in doing so introduced one of the most influential personality frameworks ever.

John Beebe and The Myers-Briggs mother-daughter duo used the core theory of this framework to inspire their own; Beebe explored archetypal roles of the functions…

Originally published 08/31/2019

In my last year of undergraduate studies, I did a part-time AmeriCorps service year through Iowa State Extension for the Iowa 4-H arts, communication, and design programs.

Serving for AmeriCorps gave me incredible opportunities to combine my interests in design, communications, project management, and the performing arts…

Abigail Luchsinger

Curious Collaborator, Project Coordinator & MID student rooted in a performing arts background. Loves mbti, mentoring students in the arts & cold brew coffee.

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